Tattoo Removal Fairfax Station

Tattoo Removal Fairfax StationIf you’re looking for the best Tattoo Removal Fairfax Station has to offer, Laser Smooth Solutions is the place for you. Regretting getting a tattoo is common, but before you remove that unwanted ink, here are a few tips you should know.

No tattoo removal is guaranteed; our experts will speak with you regarding your expectations. One treatment is most likely not going to produce the results you are seeking. The number of treatments you will need is hard to pre-determine. Additionally, intervals between treatments are also to be considered. We understand that you want this ink removed as quickly as possible, but without proper intervals between treatments, the risk of side effects such as skin irritation and open wounds increases significantly. The average time between tattoo removal treatments is four to six weeks. However, everyone is different. Some cases may require eight weeks or more in between treatments for patients experiencing side effects such as textual changes.

Tattoos that are closer to the heart will most likely fade faster than those located further down the legs or arms. Tattoos done by a professional tend to penetrate deeper into the skin as well as have more consistent levels making them slightly easier to treat. There are a few symptoms you may experience post-treatment such as redness, blisters, raising of the tattoo, pinpoint bleeding, swelling, and temporary darkening. These symptoms are common and will usually decrease within one to two weeks.

Laser Smooth Solutions is a safe place to have your tattoo removed in Fairfax Station. We will answer any questions or concerns you may have prior, during, and after treatment. Regardless of where you had your tattoo done, Laser Smooth Solutions is the best tattoo removal practice in Fairfax Station. Contact us today and one of our friendly and trained professional will lead you in the right direction for your tattoo removal.