Tattoo Removal Cost

An estimated 45 million Americans have one or more tattoos. Close to 50% of people who have a tattoo want it removed. Laser tattoo removal pricing varies from practice to practice. However, pricing is usually based on the size, detailing and colors present in the unwanted ink. Throughout the industry treatments commonly range from $200-$500 per session, and multiple sessions are required. At Laser Smooth Solutions, our price points are considerably lower in cost per-session because we do volume passing the savings back to our clients. The average number of treatments vary from four to twelve treatments depending on types of inks used. These treatments are generally scheduled four to eight weeks apart.Tattoo Removal Cost VA, DC, MD

Tattoos on darker skin clients are harder to remove because you have to go up slower in the energy used during treatments because we are avoiding any hypopigmentation. Tattoos on areas with high circulation like torso will remove quicker than other areas with lower circulation like fingers and toes.

Laser tattoo removal is done by a licensed and certified professional. The level of technology needed for successful tattoo removal is high. Q-switched lasers are the best equipment to remove tattoos and they cost $100,000 or more. Companies that provide laser tattoo removal service invested large sums of money in obtaining the necessary equipment and pay tens of thousands of dollars for maintenance costs. More than one wave length is required to remove ink color other than black.

Old-fashioned tattoo removal methods created huge scars and were precarious. Laser tattoo removal can be quite expensive, but there is great peace of mind when your unwanted ink is finally gone. This form of treatment produces virtually no scarring when performed properly and will eliminate your tattoo with minimal harm to your skin. Laser tattoo removal is the safest and most efficient method to remove unwanted ink.