Tattoo Removal Before and After

Laser Smooth Solutions uses the best technology in the industry. Our laser tattoo removal experts in Oakton, Virginia can remove most tattoos to completion. Below, we have displayed a few of the many success stories achieved at Laser Smooth Solutions. As shown, we have the ability to remove all ink colors completely on all client skin types.

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Laser Smooth Solutions goes above and beyond our competitors to ensure that our clients are receiving the best care and knowledge about tattoo removal. At Laser Smooth Solutions, we pride ourselves for being the best tattoo removal specialists in the state. The pictures on our sites are un-airbrushed results achieved at our skincare center.

The most common side effect of laser tattoo removal is hyper- or hypopigmentation of the skin. Hyperpigmentation is the darkening of the skin and hypopigmentation refers to the lightening of the skin. Darker skin individuals run a higher risk of hypopigmentation because the laser can remove pigment from the skin as well as the pigment from the ink. Our skilled experts always proceed with caution and will perform a test spot to minimize any risks. Hyperpigmentation typically resolves itself between six to twelve months after your last treatment. Keloid scarring is scarring that grows larger and is lumpier than the wound it is healing. It can happen to anyone who has this medical history typically and is one of the potential risks of laser tattoo removal. Other potential risks include infection, burns, and textural changes of the skin.

Our selection of some recent client before and after pictures is authentic. Laser Smooth Solutions documents each tattoo removal with before and after photos. We want our clients to see the journey from full density ink to ink-free. Out of respect for our clients’ privacy, we are unable to show you every tattoo removal case, but we are excited to share the results of clients willing to display to the world what we can do!

Tattoo Removal Progression

Tattoo Removal Videos