Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Fairfax, MD & Washington DC

stevieWe respect that you have made the choice to get a tattoo, as well as the choice to remove it. We also realize that this is a personal decision. We provide a professional environment, where your comfort, safety and satisfaction is our number one priority. With this machine comes the difference in technology and results, the laser does not harm, change or destroy any cell structure. Other tattoo removal machines on the market, like Picosure and Revlight Si, do not compare to the Quanta. Using the correct wavelengths by targeting specific ink colors, increases removal speed and decreases the number of treatments.

How does it work?scorpion-before-after-progress

At Laser Smooth Solutions we use a Quanta Q-Plus C laser, this laser is capable of administering more power than other lasers with less adverse reaction. It is one of the only lasers in the world that has the proven ability to remove full color ink from a variety of skin types.

Laser Tattoo Removal Services in Fairfax

The Quanta Q-Plus laser tattoo machine produces short pulses of high intensity light onto the treatment area. The tattoo ink will be absorbed by the light without harming the surrounding tissue during the minimal invasive process. As the treatment continues, the ink is crystallized into tiny particles that your lymphatic system will absorb and expel harmlessly from the body.

During this procedure we incorporate the Zimmer Cryo 6 skin cooling system. The Cryo 6’s epidermal skin numbing technology reduces pain and chances of thermal injuries, ensuring the highest level of satisfaction for our clients.

What can I expect?

After treatment you can expect the area to be white and crystallized from the laser. We will apply a soothing ointment and a bandage. Over the course of a few weeks your immune system will then absorb the ink particles that have broken up and harmlessly diminish them. After treatment you may ice the area, but be kept clean, dry and no sun exposure that day. You may take a shower that same day, but the area treated should not be scrubbed. We take the extra steps to ensure you are comfortable, safe and all questions are answered prior to beginning the treatment with a thorough consultation at our location in Oakton, Virginia. Your skin color, ink color, depth and volume of the tattoo will determine how many treatments will be needed.


Each tattoo is unique, we inform you about our different treatment plans to match your individual removal needs based on color, size, and you.

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