Must Know Facts About Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Full Bikini Hair Removal Facts You Must Know

Get your unwanted bikini area hair removed forever.

Bikini hair removal is available.

Have problems with razor burn or ingrown hairs? Look no further.

Here at Laser Smooth Solutions specializing in laser hair removal, ingrown hairs are a thing of the past! Waxing has been known for immediate results, but what you don’t know is waxing can cause an increase in ingrown hairs. Ouch!

Bikini/Brazilian laser treatments can be done while on your monthly cycle (with a clean tampon in). Client may experience an increase in sensitivity the week before/during their cycle while getting laser treatment. We understand that having your Brazilian or bikini treated can be personal, that’s why our technicians are always welcoming you with a warm smile to help make you truly feel comfortable. Each time you come it is not guaranteed that the same technician will service you. If this is something you’d like, we are more than happy to book you with a certain technician but make no guarantees.

After the procedure, you may experience redness (erythema) or swelling (edema) on or around the treated area. This can occur anywhere up to 72 hours after your appointment.

The best time to start your Brazilian laser treatments would be in the fall/winter months if you are one to vacation or sunbathe during the summer months. Sun exposure to any area being treated with laser could cause hypopigmentation (lightening) or hyperpigmentation (darkening) of the skin. You must be your natural color before continuing with laser treatments.

Shaving and exfoliating will be your best friend during your treatments. Do not wax, pluck, tweeze, thread, bleach or do anything other than shaving the area being treated in between your appointments. Hair begins to fall out 2 days – 14 days after having treatment, as hair begins to fall out some tend to stick to your follicle and not fall out. Shaving or exfoliating will help those stubborn hairs loosen in the follicle and encourage the hair to fall out, thus having better results.


Our laser treatments have been proven to be effective at removing ingrown hairs and bikini bumps.

No more waxing, and no more shaving. Both bikini and full Brazilian laser hair removal methods provide a solution for removing unwanted pubic hair. These hair removal methods are steadily increasing in popularity as the lure of hair removal becomes hard for many to resist. Laser hair removal involves aiming a laser at the site of unwanted hair and releasing a light. The hair absorbs that light and then the follicle is destroyed from the root. Though both procedures are highly beneficial, here are ten things you need to know about

Our techniques:

What to expect during your treatments-

Laser hair removal is usually a very personal experience as you will need to make those body parts very accessible to the technician. Contact our team at Laser Smooth Solutions to get a full run-down of how we’ll conduct your treatment.

Sessions required for effective results…

You should note that more than one session will be required before you see any hair loss. Most people will undergo 6 – 10 sessions every 4 – 8 weeks before seeing any lasting results. This number can also vary; some people may only require four sessions, while others may need 13 or more. It just depends on the hair and skin type of the individual client.

Ideal candidates
Laser treatments, for both genders, works best on people with light skin and dark hair. This is due to the part of the hair follicle that is targeted by the laser. It is designed to seek out dark pigmentation or melanin because it is highly concentrated at the hair roots. By destroying the roots, the hair will stop growing back. In people with light skin and dark hair, these melanin concentrations stand out more, making the procedure a lot easier. It will still work on individuals who don’t fit this profile; however, it may take more sessions. Laser hair removal treatment is usually not effective on blond, red or gray hair.

Required hygiene

For everyone’s cleanliness and comfort, it is best to schedule your appointment at a time which you will not be menstruating. As a courtesy to the technician, please try to give yourself a thorough wash down there before showing up at your appointment. Here are some specific ways to prepare for your upcoming Brazilian hair removal treatment.

Understanding the cost of full Bikini Removal Package –

The cost of bikini or Brazilian laser hair removal will vary depending on the skincare center or spa, the doctor or technician performing the procedure, the region of the country in which you live, and the total number of treatments you’ll require for complete removal. You can Learn More About Our Pricing for hair removal packages. We go out of our way to make sure we’re able to offer the best quality service for an affordable and manageable price.

Again, the hidden charges are what people miss; so make sure everything is clearly outlined for you before beginning treatments. In most cases, the cost for hair laser removal would be a flat fee. This fee is based on a per pulse rate of the laser. However, if you were visiting a place to have more than one procedure done, you would likely be offered a discount for purchasing multiple treatments at once.

Bikini Laser Hair Removal Side Effects

Before opting for the procedure, you should know some of the side effects of this treatment. Plan your sessions accordingly by giving yourself a week or two after the treatment (just in case) to recover from any side effects before you plan to get into a bathing suit as you may experience temporary redness and swelling beyond your bikini line which will be visible to others. You may also experience temporary minor burns, scabs, or skin discoloration in the same area so just be mindful if you plan on hitting the beach, though that is very rare when performed by a qualified and highly trained laser technician like ours.