Winter Skincare Tips

Winter is harsh not only on our body, but also your face! Most people forget to switch up their normal skincare routine during the colder months. But as you know, we are here to help find the perfect solution for your winter dryness to keep your skin looking hydrated and beautiful all winter long!


  • Hydrate from within – Drinking plenty of water is essential for skin cell rejuvenation that will maintain your healthy glow during the dryer months. As it gets colder outside, the air loses it’s moisture which causes skin to crack and peel.

Product recommendation for hydrating:

  • Exfoliating – It is important to exfoliate your body as well as your face! If you are finding yourself constantly moisturizing and still feeling dry, chances are you’re in need of exfoliation.

Product recommendation for exfoliating:

Image Body Spa – Best for exfoliating body


 Dermalogica – Daily Microfoliant is best for all skin types and safe to use for face exfoliation


  • Protect – Even if your not laying out under the sun, your skin is still being exposed to UV rays whether or not you burn. Using sunscreen daily is highly recommended to protect your skin from harmful rays that cause aging.  Wearing SPF will help your skin keep it’s youthful appearance as you age.

Product Recommendation for protection:


  • Detoxify – Over indulging during the Holiday’s is hard to resist already, but eating the right foods will detoxify your body to help cleanse out bad toxins and metals that have been absorbed into your fat cells. Incorporating leafy greens such as kale and spinach has been known to help.


  • Overuse of Product – Applying different types of lotions, serums and creams to help with problem areas might seem like a good idea, but using too many products at one time can have the opposite effect. Cleansing too often can cause skin irritation, drying and an increase in sensitivity. The environment is harsh on your skin, so limit your product use so your skin can properly absorb the right products to help your skin get to where it should be, healthy and glowing!
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